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The law firm of Richardson Patel focuses on corporate & securities law, mergers & acquisitions, and business, securities & employment litigation. Richardson Patel's competitive strength lies in its ability to blend its entrepreneurial spirit with its grasp for complex legal issues. As a valued partner to emerging growth clients, Richardson Patel has seamlessly integrated the art of business and the science of law to deliver Business Minds for Legal Matters



Client Alert - Blass No-Action Letter

In late January, 2014, the Division of Trading and Markets at the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) issued a surprising no-action letter permitting a so-called M&A Broker, or M&A intermediary, not registered as a broker or dealer, to receive transaction based fees or commissions in connection with the transfer of ownership or control of a privately held company.


DTC Withdraws Proposed Rules Regarding “Chills”

On August 15, 2014, The Depository Trust Company (DTC) withdrew from the SEC rules it proposed to govern anticipated future DTC “chills” and “global locks.” If adopted, the rules would have provided advance notice to public companies if DTC was contemplating a chill or lock, which can restrict or “freeze” a company’s ability to allow its shares to trade electronically as opposed to the old-fashioned, time-consuming and difficult exchange of stock certificates.



Invested Capital

Beyond the creativity that the firm sometimes uses in accepting a portion of their legal fees in stock, RP Capital was formed to invest in a handful of clients. Very little investing occurs outside of that sphere, though it does occasionally for the right opportunity. Seed amounts of $25,000 to $100,000 gets invested in minority positions along side lead investors. RP Capital views these investments as "skin in the game". We put our money where our mouth is relative to going beyond the boundaries of traditional law firms. If we believe in the merits of the company, its market potential, the management team, and the risk-reward curve we'll invest. Extensive due diligence is done prior to making these investments. We'll bring in industry experts, call potential customers, research patents, and do background checks before entering in to an equity relationship. But once that decision is made, RP Capital becomes a very hands-on business partner.


Business Incubating

Businesses of all sizes, especially early in their lifecycle, struggle to meet the competing demands of multiple constituencies; shareholders, customers, employees, vendors. Meeting those demands can be overwhelming. RP Ventures provides the maturity and composure to overcome those demands by combining clear strategy with crisp execution. RP Ventures functions as an informal business incubator. We complete many pieces to many puzzles. Over time, and specifically as a result of working in and around numerous emerging growth companies, we've assembled a valuable ecosystem. We leverage that ecosystem everyday to ignite early-stage companies and help them achieve their business goals. Whether it's fund raising, finding management, filling Board positions, assisting in sales or channel development, investor relations and beyond. We know where to find reputable and impactful resources in combination with our in-house expertise.

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